Terms and Conditions

Main conditions

How many kilometers can I do?

The mileage varies according to the rental duration. When making your reservation request you will be able to see the kilometers that are included in the price, as well as the price of the extra kilometer if required.


What deposit must be left to remove the vehicle?

Apart from paying for the vehicle rental, you must leave a deposit of €200, which is ALWAYS MANDATORY to be made by credit or debit card. This deposit will be returned to you upon returning the vehicle in correct condition.


What is the difference between bond and franchise?

The deposit is deposited as a guarantee to cover additional costs to the rental, such as extra kilometers, fuel or damage to the interior of the vehicle.


The excess is the part corresponding to the damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident. The client will only be claimed in case of an accident (the franchise can be annulled under prior request, the bond is always mandatory).


What care insurance is included in the rent?

Our rates always include a whole risk with franchise: it will cover in case of accident the damage caused to third parties and the damage of the rented vehicle from the franchise.


Our client will be responsible for the vehicle’s own damages to the maximum amount of the contracted franchise (it can be annulled when signing the contract).


The franchise is applicable by accident. If the vehicle suffers two accidents, two franchises will be applied.


If you prefer, at the time of booking you can choose to convert the insurance to full risk without deductible, for an additional fee. In this way, you will be fully protected from any damage or accident during the rental.


Can I return the vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Although you need to pick up the vehicle during office hours, you do have the option of returning the vehicle 24 hours a day* every day of the year. To do this, tell the office and they will tell you how to return the vehicle.


  • *In Vilanova i la Geltrú it is only possible to return the vehicle between 6:00 a.m. and 22:00 h..


Can I return the vehicle to another office?

Yes. The return of the vehicle in another office can have a supplement. In our online reserve form you can consult the final price and make the reservation with return in another office.


If you have not reserved the return in another office, you will need the previous authorization of Davima.


Can you bring the vehicle to the address you request?

Yes. We offer this service in all our branches with a cost that varies depending on the population. In our online reserve form you can consult the price for some of the main locations in the area.

For any other address, call us at 807609800 and we will inform you without obligation.


How do I make my online reservation?

Using our web rater you can consult all the available models and their prices. Once the vehicle is selected, you can fill in all your data and make the payment. This way you will have a special discount (for payments of 100% of the reservation) and will reduce delivery time at the office.


Why can’t I complete my online reservation?

The causes can be the following:


  • Reduced availability of the vehicle (indicated on the website when selecting the vehicle: “request reservation” instead of “reserve now”).
  • The delivery and return office are different.
  • Delivery or pick-up locations are outside the office.


In any of these cases, the reservation will indicate that it is pending confirmation by the office, which will contact you as soon as possible to do so. After confirmation with office, the online discount will also be applied.


How do I make my reservation on the phone?

As simple as calling 807609800 where we will assist you from 8:30 h. to 19:30 h..


What do I do if on 24/48 h. after making my reservation application I have not received any confirmation?

Contact our offices by phone or email directly (on the web you have the data of each office).


Can I cancel my reservation?

If the cancellation is made within a period of more than 48 hours. from the date of delivery of the vehicle has no cost to the client. Otherwise, you will have to pay 30% of the total amount of the reservation as cancellation fees.


You can inform of your cancellation by email info@davima.net or by phone 877609800.

General Conditions

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours).


We offer the possibility of renting our industrial vehicles for a period of 6 hours in all our branches. Find out by phone.


For commercial vehicles, the minimum rental period is reduced to the working day offer (pick-up at 9:00 h. and return before 17:30 h. on the same day). It is available by request on the offers page.


For the rest of vehicles, the minimum period is 1 day (24 hours).


What type of driving licese do I need to drive the vehicle?

The necessary license for any of our vehicles is B (< 3500 kg.).


From what age a Davima vehicle can be driven?

It will be necessary to have a minimum of 23 years and an age in the driving license of at least 2 years.


Who is authorized to drive the vehicle?

The rented vehicle may only be driven by the person listed on the rental contract.


At the time the rental contract is formalized, Davima must be informed of the name of the people authorized to drive the vehicle and their valid driving license and identity card must be provided.


Can I drive outside Spain?

Yes, but it is necessary to report to the office and hire international rental insurance.


Please keep in mind that in case of not hiring international insurance, it will not be allowed to circulate outside the Spanish territory.


What is considered a trading week?

It is considered a business week from Monday at 8:30 h. until Friday at 19:00 h..


What is considered a weekend?

Our weekend rate runs from Friday at 18:00 h. Until Monday at 9:00 h.. (You can return the vehicle earlier within 24 hours). You can reserve the weekend offer at: https://www.davima.net/ofertas/.


What damages are not covered by insurance?

  • Damage to wheels, rims, and the underbody of the vehicle.
  • Damage to third parties or the vehicle caused by negligence.
  • Loss or breakage of keys.
  • Refueling with wrong fuel.
  • Damage to merchandise, personal objects and/or loss thereof.

Request for personal invoices and data

How do I request an invoice of a rent?

Rental invoices are automatically sent at the end of the contract to the email address indicated by the client. If you do not receive it, you can request it by email to info@davima.net.


What is the treatment given to my personal data?

Exclusively the necessary to process your reservation and be able to expedite the process to remove the vehicle. Your data can be used to offer promotions and offers.

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